1. About Us

Sharif Metal Researchers Company (Adrian) has been founded as a knowledge-based company on the basis of research and development in metallurgical engineering. Adrian is trying to make a continuous communication between academic fundamentals and industrial necessities. It is expected that with good understanding of our experts to the requirements of metallurgy industries on one hand, and capabilities of basic sciences from other hand, the conducted research and developments result in design, manufacture or yield of promoted products/processes.
These efforts pursue raw materials consumption reduction, products quality improvement, energy efficiency and secondary resources (materials and energy) recovery.


Adrian follow two main goals in the knowledge-based activities:
1.Research and development in novel metallurgical processes.
2.Producing high quality materials of considerable added value for supply chain modification
Engineering design of modern processing reactors such as fluidized bed (FB) furnaces, localization of sponge iron production in a variety of rotary and tunnel kilns using coal-based methods, investigation on the strategies for increasing production efficiency of MIDREX modules, and secondary resources are considered as priorities in the research and development section.