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The first successful experience of Adrian in the direction of fluid bed technology development has been resulted in design, engineering and construction of a fluidized bed dryer.
Fluidized bed dryers (FBDs) have found widespread applications for the drying of particulate or granular solids in the chemical, food, ceramic, pharmaceutical, agriculture, polymer, and waste management industries.
For drying of powders in the 50 to 2000 µm range, fluidized beds compete successfully with other more traditional dryer types. Among the advantages of the fluidized bed dryers one may cite:

  • :High drying rates due to excellent gas–particle contact leading to high heat and mass transfer rates
  • Smaller flow area
  • Higher thermal efficiency, especially if part of the thermal energy for drying is supplied by internal heat exchangers
  • Lower capital and maintenance costs, compared to rotary dryers
  • Ease of control

After constructing a pilot scale fluidized bed reactor and completing the practical sample for fine particle drying, Adrian is ready to contribute in design and engineering of fluidized bed dryers for different industries according to requested demand, capacity, and application.