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Adrian established with the sense of duty on the main obstacles to Iranian metallurgical industry growth in proportion to environmental, water and energy conservation, in Sharif Advanced Technologies Incubator in 2013. Company focuses the main works on research and development to modify the traditional processing methods used for production metallic materials (iron, steel and nonferrous metals industry), metallurgical engineering design of innovative products and procedures, recovery of industrial residues secondary resources and optimize the use of raw material, water and energy. 
Growing importance of metallurgical industry is so that the consumption or production of structural metals such as iron and steel reflect the level of one country's industrial development. With economic growth of 70’s decade in Iran, huge industrial complexes founded for processing and producing basic materials with the latest technologies. Then again, with in progress economic growth and increasing demand for raw materials or metal products, industries corresponding to materials production confront expressive quantitative expansion. However, due to the polluting character, age, depreciation, and energy wasting, these industries has been considered as one of the concerns of the country's macroeconomic policies. 
As a result, the executed research and development comprises modification of current operating processes in order to increase production efficiency along with lowering greenhouse gases emission, recovery of residue or valuable waste materials from processing methods and energy saving. 
Adrian was originated in an attempt to technology localization for qualitative and profitable production of basic metals including iron and steel, aluminum, copper, lead and zinc accompanied by environmental and energy considerations. This company is supported by incorporation of theoretical fundamentals and research-based activities performed by a number of our colleagues in Sharif University of Technology, and empirical experiences obtained from industrial contributions.