1. Partner Comapnies
  • Materials Innovation and Process Engineering Consultants (MIPEC) play the role of engineering company for SMRCO in a mutual collaboration. MIPEC was founded in 1998 by some number of academic and industrial experts. Their mission is providing technical and engineering services as in all industries. MIPECs long term Strategy is to be active toward industrial development with accompany of experienced experts, and energetic graduates of well-known universities. According to the MIPEC Licenses and certificates, their services are categorized into 5 main fields:
    1- Engineering Services
    2- Supervision and Project Control
    3- Industrial Researches
    4- Feasibility Study
    5- Technical Inspection

  • Atashkar company collaborates with SMRCO as tunnel kiln constructor. Atashkar has been founded with the aim of activity in engineering, design and construction of industrial furnaces. The company has more than 25 years' experience in consulting, construction and installation of industrial furnaces in the iron and steel, aluminum, petroleum and some other industries. Atashkar is known as a leading company in Iran and joined with SMRCO to handle tunnel kiln construction.