1. About Us
  2. Vision And Mission

Doing creative and active presence in the metallurgical industry as a leading company in the field of research and development and design of novel products and processes.

Make a continuous communication between academic fundamentals and industrial necessities toward improving product quality, decreasing raw materials consumption, energy saving, and secondary resources recovery.

Assessment on the basis of standards and certified protocols.
Accurate and efficient analysis of the chain of ideas formation up to products.
Decision-making based on scientific evidences and empirical experiences.
Results delivery after validation and verification process to ensure data and information gathering routes.
Respect to the basic principles of sustainable development
Accountability for the consequences of the accomplishments.
Client satisfaction is the main object of the activities.
Continuous improvement in creative idea-making methods on the basis of metallurgical industries requirements.
Commitment to incessant upgrading of conventional processes, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the parameters affecting the production, develop new technologies and educate the employees.
Qualitative and quantitative increase in provided services.
Recruitment, keeping and training the staffs.
Taking the advantages of modern technologies in design and validation methods.
commitment to engineering technical standards.